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Accounting and management – for technical services!

System for Russian facilities!

«1C:TO&R» considerate Russian specific and documentation of technical regulation. Used at the industrial facilities with the most stringent requirements of Russian State Technical Authority.
Specialists for technical support are practically in every town of Russia. As may be required adaptation of system it can be done independently and generally!



1     «1C:TO&R».

        1.1     Introduction

        1.2     General purpose

        1.3     What the automatization management of maintenance, industrial assets can give?

        1.4     Who is interested in the project?

        1.5     System Functions

            1.5.1     Leading of equipment information

            1.5.2     Forming maintenance scheduling

            1.5.3     Leadinf of workorders

            1.5.4     Inspection of schedule forming

            1.5.5     Budgeting

            1.5.6     Formation of needs in Logistical support

            1.5.7     Optimization of maintenance expenses

        1.6     Documents

        1.7     Reports

        1.8     Integration with other systems

    2     «1C:TO&R» can give for Supply Service:

    3     What is important for IT specialists in management of maintenance:

    4     "1C:TO&R". Training courses.

    5     Price-list of "1C:TO&R", additional materials and services

        5.1     Documents

        5.2     Reports

        5.3     Services on Implementation of a product

    6     «1C:TO&R».

    7     «1C:TO&R».

1   «1C:TO&R».

The most flexible system for
maintenance management and industrial
assets: specialists for adaptation are in
every town in Russia.

1.1  Introduction

   «1C:TO&Rт» highly simplifies the work of such services us: master mechanic, power engineer, metrologist, monitoring&automation services.
    Control of all technical documentation is always at hand. Automatic scheduling of services, control of all work and materials. Automatic reports for all branches: bookkeeping, material security, finance function (budgets), personnel department (proficiency and staff occupation). Automatic document preparation for the execution of work.

    Differences from alike systems:
        1.   Adjust system for Russian conditions, documents forming at required blanks.
        2.   «1C:TO&R» developed on the basis of the most popular in Russia 1-C
                platform, widely known above IT-specialists. The system is always can be
                refined upon specific requirements at the facility by the forces of IT-specialists,
                without expensive trainings.
        3.   The most easy integration with other systems of facility: bookkeeping, inventory
                control package, programs for technologists and constructors: 1-C platform – is
                well known by your IT-specialists, initially contains all necessary modules.

1.2  General purpose

    «1C:TO&R» is based for specialists from repair management and industrial facility maintenance, and also for all divisions that asset management, maintenance and service: financial accounting and bookkeeping, logistic and provision, personnel management. The system is indispensable for directors by making productive assets structure «clear». For maintenance services system is the main support for management: huge archive of all normative and technical documentation is conducted, diagram estimate PPM, draw work sheets and kept count activity.

Main users:

  • master mechanic service
  • chief power engineer service
  • monitoring&automation services, DCS Service
  • chief metrologists service

    «1C:TO&R» is keeping count of all facilities and hierarchic connections (facility, area, shop floor, workshop section, installation, machine, junction, equipment) with necessary service record. Automatically estimates diagram of regular preventive works in the «1C:TO&R» system. The diagram can be optimized and admit manual updating. Draw work sheets and necessary access for all works. You have got full documentation package for carrying out maintenance services, formation of agreements, claims for Logistical support, estimation of budget and information for accounting.
    You can find detailed description of functions here: «systems functions». «1C:TO&R» refer to EAM systems (Enterprise Assets Management): supplied with cost accounting of all asset expenses, budget calculations, integration with personnel system, Logistical support and bookkeeping.

1.3  What the automatization management of maintenance, industrial assets can give?

    Expenses to support working capacity of equipment are quite large. «1C:TO&R» permit essentially cut down expenses for technical maintenance and repair, cut down duration of down time of equipment, increase its loading. On A.T.Kearney’s agency evidence, usage EAM-system permits to reduce expenses for equipment maintenance per 25-30%, increase availability of equipment for work per 15-17% and to reduce per 30% amount of emergency and overtime works. Pay-off period of system installation usually less then 2 years and sometimes equal to 3-4 months.

Such results are achieved by means of following factors:

  • Huge amount of technical documentation are processed in automatic mode – greatly increases precision and accuracy of planning and accounting, also carrying-out of requirements of regulatory authorities is provided.
  • Preventive maintenance is cheaper (in comparison with emergency maintenance), reduces the amount of emergency maintenances and purchasing.
  • Suboptimizes Logistical support process in terms of accurate data: waiving from «expensive» in maintenance equipment, reduction of stock reserve.
  • Transfer of a part of equipment to condition based maintenance.
  • Personification of responsibility, consistency control of qualification of personnel.
  • Cost estimating by norms, but not «like last year + inflation»,
    (were such as reducing of expenses for 50 %!).
  • Decision-making of fate asset based on full information.
  • Reduction of outage of the equipment.

1.4  Who is interested in the project?

    «1C:TO&R» profitable for all services of facility. The main profits from implementation we can lead in the following list:


Profits from the project


«Transparency» and validity of expenses, rise of assets payoffs, reduce of technological risks, optimization of arrearages and expenses, increase of profit.

Technical Services, master mechanic, power engineer, metrologist, monitoring&automation services, DCS Service

- Making strict order consideration in technical documentation
- reduces questions from State Committee for Supervision of Safe Working Practices in Industry and for Mine Supervision, Safety department.
- Simplicity of planning schedules and works.
- Simplicity of work control.
- Availability of normative standards makes easier control and planning.
- Validity of sentences in understandable for accounting managers form: availability of information makes easier foundation of needed accounting information.
- Reduce of downtime of maintenance services – there are always required materials for the work.
- Simplicity of cooperation with other services: accounting, bookkeeping, Logistical support.

Metrologist Service

Simplicity of making and controlling schedules of equipment inspections

Industrial safety department, fire-protection, ecology

Reduce of technological risks, guarantee of compliance with requirements of normative acts.


Timely receipt of proper documents with needed level of analytics, reduce the duty of bookkeeping.

Logistical support

Timely receipt of information about need in materials, engineering supplies, reduce of expenses by means of enlargement of sets and by reducing number of urgent supplies, reduce of stockholding.

Economic Services

Rise of «Transparency» and validity of budget for maintenance, possibility of diversification of expenses by responsibility accounting.

Personnel department

Consideration of work of staff in different «faces». Possibility of implementation understandable system of staff motivation.


Reduce of amount of software (usually divisions use local Software), including the usage of one Software as for automatization management of maintenance, and also as for organization of IT Service work. By us implemented Service Desk configuration at 1С 8.0 platform - maintenance of applications with WEB interface cheaper and easier.

1.5   System Functions

    1.5.1   Leading of equipment information

    System allows to lead structure of works funds as the shape of tree, beginning from the facility, area, shop floor, workshop section, installation, equipment and junction. Such way of presentation provides the maximum demonstrativeness of all the structure of the assets of the facility and convenient nature of work with system.   Leading of equipment certificates in the system

    Equipment certificate in the system contains all necessary information, including possibility of technical documents visualization.

    In the system reflects organizating structure of maintenance of the facility. For example, master mechanic services, power engineer and metrologist services. Executives of maintaining and their grades are directly pointed out. The prosperity with labour forces, scope of maintenance work and also the cost of labour forces is defined. This information is very important for budgeting and its execution control.

The system prescribes leading of typical maintenances, scheduling of working hours, types of maintenance, units of measure, measure efficiency, storehouses, producer factory, maintenance executor, types of defects, equipment conditions, materials.

    1.5.2   Forming maintenance scheduling

    Mantanance schedule is forming on the basis of required repair cycle, as well as for unit of equipment and as for set, section or the all facility.

    1.5.3   Leadinf of workorders

    All maintenance services are made along with workorders. Workorders are forming automatically, with all documentation needed for maintenance. The system allows watching after the performance on workorders, considering performing of some part of the work. Package of documentation consists of all request materials that increase effectiveness of administration.

    1.5.4   Inspection of schedule forming

    Inspection schedule of metrological equipment, as far as maintenance schedule can be maid for a year or for a month. The differential peculiarity of inspection of schedule – it is based on equipment reserved to chief metrologist service.

    1.5.5   Budgeting

    On the basis of information of preventive maintenance and expenses of resources necessary for that maintenances the system automatically figure on annual budget. On the basis of the month PPM schedule figures on month budget. Month budget for maintenance works can be changed taking into account the real operation time of equipment and claims for breakdown maintenances.

    1.5.6   Formation of needs in Logistical support

    The system itself forms the report of needs in Logistical support for a year, estimated schedule. Ana also for every month with possible updating.

    1.5.7   Optimization of maintenance expenses

By forming maintenance schedule the system automatically minimizes time of idle times of equipment, and because of it reduces the expenses from losses of time.
    Due to ease of carrying out the analysis at cost of possession of equipment
(a procurement price, cost of service and idle times), it is possible to choose the optimum equipment at purchase. The need in materials is formed more precisely, with the instruction of the schedule of consumption, that considerably reduces warehouse stocks.

1.6   Documents

    The system leads full document circulation on maintenance, the basis documents:
    Request for maintenance:
    If some services under maintenance participate, their work should be coordinated. In the system the mechanism of the coordination of documents between services of the facility, at a stage of formation of the request is realized.
    PPM plan: The plan of maintenance for year, in a cut of months, days and other periods at will of the user is formed.
    Fault report: At carrying out of survey of the equipment defects come out. All the revealed defects are fixed by the document "fault report". All history on the revealed defects of units is stored in the system.
    Report of completion: All facts of end of maintenance works are made out by means of various certificates. In these certificates time of end of works, their volume, and cost is reflected. Orders on carrying out of repair work: All repair works begin with formation of the order on carrying out of repair work. In orders kinds of repair work, object of repair, executors are specified.
   The order-admission: At carrying out of repair work in a condition of the raised danger (the raised risk of occurrence of a fire or other failures) the system forms necessary orders and admissions on carrying out of these works.
   The order on Logistical support: the necessary quantity of materials for performance of repair work is made out in the form of the application in service Logistical support. The system automatically forms such application with the instruction of terms with its subsequent transfer to service Logistical support, for inclusion in a general plan of deliveries of material assets.

1.7   Reports

    Examples of reports in the Demo- version of system you can see at the site. When choosing report it is possible to choose necessary parameters, to transfer the information for the further analysis in office packages.
    The system forms reports on: to expenses of resources for repairs, under applications for repairs to defects, after an expenditure of materials, at cost of possession of actives and others. The report on cost of possession is under construction on the basis of the information received, basically, from other systems. As a rule, contents of the report are defined during the project of introduction.

1.8   Integration with other systems

    The System «1C:TO&R» is developed on a platform 1C 8.0. The given platform possesses the open structure and has set of mechanisms for integration and teamwork with various registration programs. These mechanisms allows integrate easily "1C:TO&R" with already available registration programs at the facility, with programs of DCS for reading indications about an operating time.

2     «1C:TO&R» can give for Supply Service:

Accuracy of the order of materials, spare parts: with introduction "1C:TO&R" the strict account of all technical specifications necessary for planning of maintanances is conducted: structure of operations and materials demanded for them, tools. You in advance and precisely know, to whom and that is required.

An opportunity of work in system Logistical support: if you accept your system Logistical support - use to it and further. "1C:TO&R" provides integration with system Logistical support, our Clients often choose such way of use of system.

Receipt of statistics on suppliers: "1C:TO&R" contains necessary reports from which reliability of the delivered equipment on suppliers is visible.

Receipt of cumulative cost of possession: it is possible to receive reports not only on statistics failure of the equipment, but also all the expenses connected with it on its operation. It is the extremely important information for a choice of suppliers.
    If necessary, you can use the block of logistics "1C:TO&R" for the organization of work on Logistical support. However, it is not the primary goal of system. We recommend to use for this purpose the specialized appendices supporting work at the choice of suppliers, the organizations of tenders, etc.

3     What is important for IT specialists in
      management of maintenance:

    The theme of management of maintenance - important, responsible and very much greater. On risks of introduction, cost and duration projects of this area concern to a category complex.
    All products of class EAM (Enterprise Assets Management) demand integration with other appendices of the facility for the peak efficiency (though can work and irrespective of them). Integration is required with:

  • Accounting systems,
  • Financial systems,
  • Systems Logistical support, logistics,
  • Personnel systems.

    Often, choosing the "integrated" ERP-system, the client hopes to avoid complexities of process of integration. However, because of "deep" integration of modules (which a number of problems carries out ERP), either is not solved absolutely, or the complex approaches are required, reducing " on there is no " a charm of a choice of the "integrated" platform.

At introduction of the program "1C:TOIR" risks are minimal for the following reasons:

  • the Maximal speed of adaptation,
  • the Opportunity independently to make changes, not addressing to software developer,
  • the Maximal ease of integration: the known structure of data, presence of the developed mechanisms of integration in a platform 1C,
  • System "1C:TOIR " is checked up at the Russian facilities with the most strict requirements from supervising bodies, in the program it has been considered maximal quantity from all possible requirements.

    Important: choosing "1C:TOIR", you remove risks of lack functional of systems, guarantee to yourself an opportunity quickly make changes to system if there will be such
    necessity. Without problems solve questions of integration "in time", not having exceeded the budget of the project.
    In other words: "1C:TOIR" reduces practically to zero technical risks of the project.
    The conclusion.
    If you assume to introduce "1C:TOIR" independently, but you do not have experience of introduction EAM of systems the complete set of methodical documents is simply necessary for you. Our complete sets of methodical documents on introduction of system contain the information on features of introduction EAM of systems, the typical plan of the project, typical organizational documents and a technique of introduction.

4     "1C:TOIR". Training courses.

    You can be trained on system «1C:TOIR".
    Our training courses will be useful to you, if:

  • You introduce a product independently. If you do not have experience of introduction EAM of systems, it is necessary to pass training rate to make the project correctly.
  • You wish to train your design command. It is convenient to order a rate at once on the enterprise: all will have an identical understanding of a product and the project. Cost of training of group below, than serial training of experts.
  • You had an expert, but you do not have time what to train it at the enterprise. Let professionals will borrow in training!
    We offer you following training courses:
  • "Base" - training on all user modules of system. For users of system. Duration - 2 days.
  • "Introduction" - the expanded rate for partners on introduction, commands on introduction of system. Duration of a rate - 2 days. (for passage of a rate "Introduction" passage of a rate "base" is necessary.)
  • "Conducting" - a rate contains the survey information on subjects of repairs, managements of actives. It will be useful to beginning experts. Duration 2 days. The rate is spent for group under the advanced order.
    On a site "1C:TOIR" you can learn costs and the schedule of rates. The order of rates for group is possible.

5     Price-list of "1C:TOIR", additional materials and services

1C:TOIR: Professional management of
maintenance and service of the equipment.
The maximal flexibility. It is created for
Russian facilities.

    The Price of the system «1C:TOIR».
    The prices are valid as of 12.5.2010 year. Updating of the prices is on a site 1C:TOIR


Price, Rub.

«1C:TOIR», license for 1 user

60 000

«1C:URP», license for 1 user

172 000

The additional license for 1 user

9 900

The additional license for 5 users

45 000

The additional license for 10 users

80 000

The additional license for 20 users

130 000

The additional license for 50 users

270 000

The additional license for 100 users

400 000

Pilot introduction

189 000

Training course

64 500

The note:

  1. "1C:TOIR" is a configuration for a platform «1С:Enterprise 8.1»
  2. The prices for a configuration do not include cost of licenses 1С 8.0
  3. Cost is certain for a configuration in one local network.
  4. To the basic version "1C:TOIR" it is possible to purchase unlimited number of licenses.

5.1   Support of system:

    Price of the system includes service on support in a current year from the moment of purchase of system. Service includes:

  • Reception of new releases of a product and the documentation,
  • Technical consultations on a product in the closed forum of support,
  • "The Hot line" - consultations by phone in working hours by «1C:TOIR» team.

    After the end of support period the conclusion of the contract on the further support is possible, cost is defined at the moment of the conclusion of the contract.

5.2   Structure of the complete set of the methodical documentation on introduction

Structure of the complete set:

  • the Technique of introduction
  • the Pattern of the Charter of the project
  • the Pattern of the Technical project
  • the Album of typical documents
  • the Scheme of typical processes

5.3   Services on Implementation of a product

    Cost of services and volume of the project are defined for the concrete facility by inquiry.
    We recommend you to order service on preparation of the Technical project defining the requirements and the order of use of system, the including description of processes, and requirements on integration with other systems. After drawing up of the Technical project it is possible to count volume of the project with the big accuracy.
    Cost of works depends on number of users, volume on integration "1C:TOIR" with systems already used by you, volume contribution primary data.

6     How to buy system?

For purchase of system it is enough to inform us in any way convenient for you your requisites.
To inform requisites it is possible:
By phone: (495) 917-50-65
By e-mail: info@remontexpert.ru
You will be made out an invoice on system, materials or services. The express train-delivery enters into cost of system up to your facility. At the same time you receive originals of necessary documents. «The hot line " enters into cost of system for telephone consultations, consultations also by e-mail, reception of new versions of system in current of year. To buy system also it is easy, as well as it to use!

7     About the «1C:TOIR» team

«1C:TOIR» - a team of Experts

    Cost of services and volume of the project are defined for the concrete facility by inquiry.
    The team "1C:TOIR" works together since 1999 year. Now we specialize on automation of management by repairs and adjacent areas with it. During the work we have saved up experience of decisions on various platforms, at the facilities of various branches.
    We have generalized our experience and knowledge in system "1C:TOIR" and we consider, that it is the extremely duly and necessary tool for the facilyties of our country. "1C:TOIR" is actual in conditions of necessity of increase of economic efficiency of manufacture - without automation extremely difficultly to operate modern park of the equipment of the industrial enterprise.
    Usually automation of so complex and bulky work as management of maintenance and actives of the facility, is complex and expensive business and for this reason is considered accessible not to many others. Mission of our project is change of the situation which has developed at the Russian facilities: we create the flexible and accessible decision, simple in integration, but at the same time possessing all necessary functional.
    The result of our work is decrease in industrial risks to Russia, increase in labour productivity, increase in feedback of production assets. We want, that our facilities were competitive, safe for workers and the population, and have come nearer on the basic parameters to the best modern manufactures.

    We should develop the decision which is not conceding to leaders of the western market on functions for achievement of objects in view, scalabilities and reliability.

    Not casually our choice has fallen on a platform 1C - the most widespread and accessible to the majority of the facilities in Russia. Very important condition was that if necessary changes in system could be brought independently in the shortest terms with preservation of an opportunity of updating on new versions.

    It is an extremely pleasant to us to see results of application of our decision in real manufacture, and to realize, that we promote restoration of former glory of our industry. We hope, that "1C:TOIR" will bring the big contribution to development of the facilities, to growth of feedback of production assets, to decrease an industrial risk.

Successes to you!

To communicate with us:
By phone: (495) 917-50-65
By e-mail: info@remontexpert.ru
Office: the Address: 105064, Малый Казенный переулок, №.1
To receive the additional information it is possible on our site: www.remontexpert.ru

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